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Business-Operation Concepts

China Biotech Corporation (CBC) is the first commercial gamma sterilization facility in Taiwan. CBC formed a joint venture with SteriGenicsR International, Inc. (now as Sterigenics International, Inc.) in 1991. CBC in Taiwan is licensed by the Atomic Energy Council (AEC). Safety and quality are vitally important to the China Biotech Corporation. The gamma sterilization process performed at CBC is in full compliance with the GMP standards and FDA regulations. We have certifications of ISO9001、ISO13485(with EN/ISO11137)、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 to help product be accepted in US and international markets. China Biotech Corporation provides radiation sterilization processing service to healthcare, laboratory, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, cosmetics and other related industries.

Production Profile Our Gamma processing facility consists of 5 major components:

The Source System
Inside the cell, cobalt-60 isotope sources, which provided by the leading cobalt-60 manufacture-MDS Nordion, are positioned on racks and stored in a water shielding poor more than 20 feet deep. They are raised into operation position by electric winches.

The Biological Shield
Gamma rays pass completely through a product and must be absorbed by a biological shield. Our Gamma processing facility utilizes a steel reinforced concrete cell with a ceiling and walls that are over 6 feet thick.

The safety System
A sophisticated redundant safety system with multiple detectors prevents inadvertent radiation exposure to personnel. Activation of any single detector automatically shuts down the system by lowering the source racks safely into pool.

The Conveyor System
Stainless steel containers, TOTES (inside dimension-120x58x10cm, weight limit-180kgs), loaded on the specially designed conveyor are used to transport customer products around the radiation source, the conveyor functions. Our conveyor design, in which each container may pass he source at each of three different levels, results in a processing system producing especially high isotope efficiency within tight maximum to minimum dose ratios/requirements.

The Dosimetry System
The Dosimetry System is the main components of a Gamma processing facility. Our dosimetry system consists of dosimeters, measuring instrumentation and procedures for the system, which assures the accuracy and precision of absorbed doses and is used for the validation as well as routine control of radiation processing.

China Biotech Corp's facility was designed specifically to maintain segregation of processed and unprocessed customer products. Unprocessed customer product is received and loaded from only one side (Unprocessed Area) of the building through the sources system via conveyor system where they are then prepared for shipment.

The above-described five components combine to create our facility that is safe, efficient, accurate, highly automated and designed to operate on a date-on-date basis. In addition, at the facility, China Biotech Corp utilizes the team concept, which is complete with Quality Assurance, Production, Sales, Customer Service, maintenance and Administrative personnel.

Established in October 1987

Equipment operated in January 1994

Capital: NT dollar 168,000,000

Address: No 10 33 road Taichung Industrial area

Land /Plant area: 7906 square meters /5734 square meters

Production quantity: 2700 cubic meters/ per month (by 25kGy low density product computation)

Max production quantity: 10,000 cubic meters/ per month (by 25kGy low density product computation)

License and authentication: High activity ionizing radiation equipment permission, radiation shield and operation 、ISO9001、ISO13485(with EN/ISO11137)、ISO14001、OHSAS18001